Monday, December 15, 2014

Chalk Paint

     Today is Monday December the 15th, 2014 and I am feeling so inspired! I have been working as an Interior Designer for 10 years now out in the field, before that when my kids were younger I ran a workroom making drapery, pillows and slipcovers. But these last couple of years I have felt a little uninspired.  It has nothing to do with all the new products available today, but my lack of taking time to feed my creative soul. Recently, I have come across an amazing product, Chalk Paint! I some how ended up on Amy Howards website " the beauty of surfing the web " a while back and became very interested in her products, but I didn't act on it right away. Until recently, I was shopping in  Michael's and came across Americana Decor chalk paint. I decided to pick some up to see how magical chalk paint is. I know it's not Amy Howard's, but it was right there and I didn't have to order it and wait." I am kind of ADD like that ". And that is why this chalk paint is so amazing! NO PREP and it dries quickly! Also, you can paint just about any surface! My first experiment was on an ugly lamp I inherited from a previous job. Wow! talk about fast and easy!

My daughter thought this should go straight to Good Will.

I went with the color Treasure, how fitting :)

I found a burlap lampshade at TJMaxx for 14.99 and embellished it with ribbons I found at Michaels.

And here is the final Product! For under 30.00 including paint,( which there is plenty left for future finds).

What do you think!?

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